​Welcome to Hvidkilde Estate


Hvidkilde Estate on South Funen offers activities for the whole family all year around.

Every season has its own traditions and the idyllic nature surrounding Hvidkilde presents both challenging, cozy and beautiful experiences in the surrounding nature. Hvidkilde provides many enchanting adventures and you can spend your day mountain biking in the southern of Funen or go hunting in stunning surroundings.


Visit the estate and experience the history of Hvidkilde on South Funen. If you have ever driven from Svendborg towards Faaborg on South Funen, you would have noticed the great red-timbered farm buildings. You probably also noticed the great white building with a shining black, glazed tile roof just few kilometers west of Svendborg. That building is Hvidkilde which has more than 650 years of history.

Today Hvidkilde Estate is owned and operated by Count Carl Johan Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Lehn. He has owned the estate since 2019.

Hvidkilde Estate and business consists of several parts. Agriculture, forestry, real esate,  hunting and a lot of other activities, which benefits the people of South Funen and guests and tourists around Hvidkilde.

The agriculture consists of the properties Hvidkilde Ladegård, Lehnshøj, Heldagergård, Teglværksgården and Edelsminde which represents an area of approximately 950 hectares.

Furthermore, Hvidkilde consists of approximately 1750 hectares forest, and 70 houses. About 30 employees spend their days on Hvidkilde Estate and the area. Take a trip to Hvidkilde and experience the presence of history at first hand.


Fåborgvej 260, 5700 Svendborg

Phone +45 62 21 05 45